If you see something that interests you or would like something created please call 405.816.6758 or email us at mwalker73034@gmail.com.

Heartland Pens

Heartland Pens was founded in 2020 by Michael "Shep" Walker. Pinecones, scrap wood, and automotive paint chips aren’t typical raw materials for art. But in Shep's hands, they become things of beauty. A Navy veteran and longtime Edmond resident, Shep creates ballpoint and fountain pens in a variety of styles, each one unique..

At Heartland Pens, we enjoy creating custom pens, wine bottle stoppers, and more, to meet your needs. Many customers bring us pieces of wood or a branch that they've collected from their childhood home, their parent's or grandparent's yard, etc. that they would like something memorable made as a reminder of the past. Great care is is taken to provide a gift that will be used and loved for generations to come.

Upcoming Exhibits

  • OKGO Tulsa Craft Fair March 23

  • Medieval Fair Norman April 5,6, & 7

  • Wanderlust OKC April 14

  • Stillwater Arts Festival April 19 & 20

  • Edmond Art Festival May 3, 4, & 5

Antler Wand Pen

Turned deer antler. Nine inches in length. This is my most difficult pen to turn. SOLD

Metro Rollerball

Chrome Metro rollerball wrapped in a hybrid burl SOLD

Cigar Pen

Cigar Pen wrapped in a hybrid burl SOLD

Circuit Card Cigar Pen

This is an actual circuit card wrapped around the pen tubes and then cast in clear epoxy. Green, Red, and white colors available.

Deer Hunter

Deer Hunter

Dragon Pen

Dragon pen wrapped in Fordite SOLD


Mayan twist pen wrapped in walnut shells cast in epoxy. SOLD

Emperor wrapped in Pua Abelone


Cigar Pen


Deer Hunter

Genuine antler


Honeycomb body


One of a kind Fordite




One of a kind Fordite